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We have been creating effective sales tools for over 25 years, helping businesses to compete in today’s market.

Corporate identity and logo

Provide an eye catching and distinctive graphic device that sets you apart from others and that is easily recalled by your target audience.

Business card letterhead etc

Convey a professional image to prospective clients and provide a recognisable set of business documents.


Create a desire for your products or services, backed up by solid, rational reasons for buying from you. Brochures highlight your uniqueness and set you apart from competitors.

Company profile

Give your potential customers confidence in your professional approach superior service and suitability as a supplier.

Highlight your track record and experience and cross-sell other products and services.

Website design

Give your customers all the information they need when they want it.

Showcase your products and services attractively and provide in-depth information.

You never get a second chance
to make a first impression

Make the most of your marketing and promotional investments.

New Leaf Design can build a unique marketing solution for your business