...However, we still have many myths left over from the 90’s.

Myth 1. Marketing is very expensive.

Myth 2. Your quality product and service is its own

Marketing is an affordable necessity today because of the intense competition, especially on the internet. Can you afford NOT to advertise hard when people are only giving you a few seconds while comparing your service to your competitors?

Before - 90’s

Those who have been in business over 20 years are used to extremely expensive marketing. Advertising was something only the largest corporate companies could afford.

Marketing was expensive because of manual labour:

  • Printing: typesetting,
  • Photography: films made & developed, negatives, plates
  • Hand-drawn concepts, drafting boards, etc
  • Computers & software programs were relatively new… “cut and paste” meant literally cutting out and pasting in.
  • Retouching photographs required air-brush artists etc
    Marketing was a luxury … only for BIG businesses.
  • You would meet the client face to face, and prove the superior quality of your service by show-and-tell.
  • Less competition – locals competed locally

Now – 21st century

Today, first impressions count like never before.

Marketing is cheaper because everything is digital/

  • Sophisticated computer software
  • Same-day printing
  • Digital photography & easy retouching Etc

It is essential to have clear, effective, attractive
marketing material, more than ever before.

  • You only have a few seconds to grab
    attention as customers compare products
    and services on the internet.
  • Global competition

Feeling overwhelmed?

Here’s the positives: with proper marketing strategies, any small to medium-sized business can compete with the big fish. You have a level playing field.


Here’s how we helped one of our clients grown from a whole-sale electrical supplier to an industrial supply specialist:

Hastings was a small, reputable electrical supply company. Established for 25 years, the father and son worked together. Simply by refreshing their logo and providing them with clear and effective marketing material, their company image was transformed.

New Leaf Design is a team of professional designers, branding specialists, and marketing strategists.

With over 30 years experience and many client success stories, we are confident to offer you 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!

We still use the traditional method:– hand-drawn concepts, and meeting our clients face-to-face… but we also embrace the technology that makes your marketing affordable.

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