It can happen to the best brands: time passes by, market conditions change, graphic and communication styles evolve and suddenly a brand can seem stale, somewhat stagnant and heading towards irrelevance.

That’s certainly a time for some soul searching, followed by constructive steps such as research into what your brand means to your market today.

You need to ask yourself why there is a decline, a decrease in the brand’s awareness level, a lessening of its positive the extent that it may even be becoming largely ignored by your target market when seeking your product category.

Even the greatest brands — Coke, McDonald’s, Nestlé, Apple, Kellogg’s — occasionally need to take a good look at themselves to make sure their brand equity is still working for them. Or if not, why not.

There may well be product problems, corporate issues and other matters affecting brand awareness. These not only affects international corporate giants but medium to small local businesses as well.

Looks do count

It’s a fact of life. People will judge your business by the way you look. That happens well before the first enquiry. To get that important first query, you have to look the part — and your brand is a key player here.

Your website needs to look right for your target market — to project the sense that you’re a serious player in your field. At the other end of the scale is your business card. And yes, people still use them.

Other obvious places your brand is visible are your stationery, packaging, vehicles, delivery trucks, all the way through to your building itself.

Your prospects will take a lot of notice of how you look, how you present yourself, much the same as people might size each other up at a party, wondering if someone is approachable or worth talking to.

If you seem ‘right’, you will be. If not, you won’t. The same goes for your brand.

Is your brand right for today?

Chances are it was designed a long time ago. And it may have been put together by someone who is not an expert in design and visual communication.In many

In many cases a logo could have been a series of short-cuts by a well-meaning amateur: a ‘nice’ font here, an ‘attention-getting’ colour there, resulting in a logo and corporate look that have no relevance to your target market.

It happens all the time. You only have to look at what lands on your desk or comes in through the internet. You’ll encounter relatively few brands and corporate identities that signal the strengths of the brands they represent.That is why such brands are virtually invisible. Which is exactly the opposite of what you

That is why such brands are virtually invisible. Which is exactly the opposite of what you want.

Time for rebranding? Call an expert.

An expert in branding and rebranding will examine your material in the context of your market and what you wish to achieve, typically looking at:

  • How you look and sound compared to your competitors: stronger, weaker, modern, progressive or stale and outdated?
  • Whether your product/service offering has changed since your enterprise started out
  • Whether your brand really represents your values, aligning them to those of your target market; considering whether it is authentic for your market

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