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Grozier Lubricants

A well-reputed, highly qualified and accredited supplier of industrial lubricants for over 75 years

“Since Re-Branding, our turnover had a 55% increase in sales.
Remarketing was a huge success and we are proud of the image that we now portray all around the world. We have gained more business opportunities world-wide (10-fold increase) and have also secured considerably more local business.”

“The investment in our corporate image has resulted in the most amazing potential in my 40 years in the business. Marketing with New Leaf has resulted in the most incredible opportunities. Greg’s capability to read a company, and transfer this into a pictorial representation is a rare talent.”

Robert Grozier (Managing Director)

Hastings Industrial Supply Specialists

A 30 y/o, family-owned company facing fierce competition from franchise electrical companies

“I must admit, it did take us a bit of time for us to adapt to a new way of marketing (often done by the local printer or in-house.) Now we understand the role of New Leaf Design who took the time to fully understand our business”…

“We’re very happy with the quality of work they deliver and we wouldn’t want to work with anyone else!”

“Greg and his team know us very well which saves us a great deal of time …we know that the outcome will be of good qualty and reflect our business in a professional manner.” “New Leaf Design goes the extra mile for our clients.In my view, their work is fantastic, and I rate them 10/10.”

Jason Hastings (Managing Director)

Hastings Electrical Wholesaleis now accurately branded as Hastings Electrical Industrial Supply Specialists.

Qualtape Australia

A successful, 30 y/o packaging supply company in Sydney

“New Leaf Design has been our assisting with our marketing for almost 25 years. They created our house brand “Joyna” in the early 1990’s which has been a huge success and the design is still current. The design of our catalogues and sales too was a vital investment that equips all our sales reps.“

“A complete change of our Qualtape logo was a huge leap for us. I first rejected the idea until our sales reps and staff convinced me otherwise. It made me realise sometimes we have to move outside our comfort zone.”

"The new Qualtape logo was a tremendous boost to our sales team and well received by all of our customers”

Ed Floate (Director of Qualtape Australia)

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